20 Behaviors That Differentiate Men from Boys

20 Behaviors That Differentiate Men from Boys

The path to manhood is littered with boyish mistakes. Until you realize this behavior, you’ll have a hard time earning the respect of a high-value woman.

Here are the top 20 behaviors that set men apart from boys.

1. Boys Don’t Understand the Importance of Women’s Tests

Women consciously and subconsciously test every man they encounter, especially the ones they are interested in. There is a reason this is Rizz Rule #1. Figure this one out, and it’s all downhill from here.

Boys either have no clue about this, or they get frustrated and fail the tests.

Men, on the other hand, are mostly amused by a woman’s tests. Why?

Two reasons:

  1. He knows it’s a test, he’s experienced it all before, and he knows how to pass it.
  2. He uses the opportunity to reverse the test on the woman

#2 is some of that advanced Rizz technique that only the most confident of men employ.

2. Boys Are Afraid of Offending a Woman

A simp will shy away from offending women because he thinks it hurts his chances with her. Unfortunately for him, the result he is trying to avoid is exactly the result he will achieve by doing this.

Masculine men are confident in who they are and will stay true to their core values and pursuits, even if it offends someone. That doesn’t imply that a man should be incapable of learning from a woman or brutish in his opinions, especially if she adds value and wisdom to his perspective.

Men also understand that a woman craves to be dominated. Fear of anything, much less offending her, gives her power that she doesn’t want to have over you.

Don’t get me wrong — she’ll gladly take it from you, but she’ll also leave you for a stronger man.

3. Boys Prioritize Women over Their Own Purpose

A weak man will seek the validation and comfort of a woman at the expense of his purpose in life. He might say to himself, “If only I had a good woman, things would be easier,” essentially deferring to the “need” of a mate instead of his other priorities in life.

This is often rooted in seeking the comfort his mother provided as a child. It’s just avoidance of responsibility. It is a cycle that many boys repeat due to several generations of single mothers raising them.

While a good woman can, indeed, be a beneficial partner in growth for a man, it should never be a crutch for him.

Real men will not commit to a woman unless she serves his purpose.

4. Boys Seek Peace by Yielding to Their Woman

If I had a nickel every time I heard a man say “she’s the boss,” I’d be a rich man.

And the sad thing is, I hear it way too often. Even sadder is the reaction I see on a woman’s face when her man says it.

It screams, “STOP BEING A SIMP!”

Real men commit to women who provide peace to their lives without compromising their role as leaders, not the other way around.

5. Boys Walk on Eggshells

Making a decision with a woman is difficult for a boy. He’ll often placate, walk on eggshells, or dance around the decision trying to convince his woman to go along with him.

Real men wear the pants. Plain and simple. A man will let a woman know he’s in charge, and she in turn will respect that. In fact, a woman who respects her man will ask for his approval on decisions.

Not the other way around.

6. Boys Ask Women for Permission

Boys who lack the confidence to make decisions often ask their woman for permission. This is such a cringeworthy foul in relationship dynamics.

Certainly, a strong man often considers his mate in the decision-making process because he chose a wise woman who is trustworthy and capable of making good decisions. But to defer to a woman for permission is akin to flipping the polarity in a relationship.

If you want a woman to wear the pants, good luck with that. Men don’t allow it.

Whereas boys live by the rules women set for them. Men make rules for women.

7. Boys Hesitate. Men Go for It

If a man sees what he wants, he goes for it regardless of the outcomes. Boys, on the other hand, think too much about the outcomes and how it might hurt their ego.

A prime example of this is a boy’s hesitation when approaching a woman. He’ll run a million scenarios in his mind trying to think of the right line until he talks himself out of it or puts himself out of contention.

This is just one more test that a man will pass with ease. He sees what he likes and he doesn’t hesitate. Why? Because he’s confident knowing that he’s the one vetting the woman, not the other way around.

A man isn’t trying to “win” a woman’s approval. He goes for the W and if she isn’t interested, he doesn’t care.

7. Boys Flirt Too Indirectly

A boy will flirt only if he feels a woman is reciprocating his attraction. Yet, he will often do so indirectly in order to ease the tension, thinking the woman needs to feel comfortable.

Men have enough experience to know that sexual tension is a prerequisite to serious attraction, and they go out of their way to create it with a woman they are attracted to.

Women desire a man who knows what he wants and is direct — not a boy who pussy-foots around.

8. Boys Take What They Can Get

Inexperienced men will wander through life accepting what life throws at them, and this includes women. Like scraps that fall from the table, they take what they can get.

This is problematic for most men who’ve never taken the time to map out what they hope to achieve in life and the type of woman they want.

Even “high-value” men who consider themselves players or f_ck boys suffer from the same mistake. While they may think highly of their masculinity and dominance over loose women, the truth is that their addictions lead them around subconsciously by the balls.

The problem in both types of boys is a lack of standards.

Real men take the time to properly vet a woman to ensure her standards match his. This includes everything from her body count, to her priorities, to her values. This can never be revealed in a one-night stand, and, no, looks are not the only standard.

Unlike boys, men won’t settle for anything less than the best standards.

9. Boys Chase. Men Attract

Boys have a bad tendency of chasing women. This is because they see the woman as an opportunity or conquest, be it for sex, emotional support, financial support, a friend, or whatever else he might need.

Men, on the other hand, will only pursue a woman who sees him as the opportunity, first and foremost — never neglecting his need to properly vet her.

10. Boys Panic When Women are Emotional

I was once asked to describe how I handle “my woman” when she is being emotional — by a woman on a dating app.

If a beautiful, grown woman is trying to vet me with this question, I can guarantee you it’s because she can’t find a man who can handle her emotions. Boys will label all women as “crazy b_tches” at one point or another — because they don’t know how to handle her.

And while some women may be overly emotional, they’re all going to cross that line at some point.

Men know this, and know how to manage it.

11. Boys Argue with Women

Because boys lack the situational awareness to detach themselves from an argument with an emotional woman, they get sucked into the vortex on account of their own young, dumb ego.

Men, on the other hand, discuss with women. Women are more inclined to respect a man and less inclined to argue with him.

12. Boys Are Romantic

Hey, will all enjoy a cheesy, sappy romance, right?

Meh.. Sometimes.

The difference in romance between a boy and a man is that a boy goes out of his way to be romantic in order to seek validation from a woman, or to “win” her.

His efforts are misguided.

Men are not romantic, they are sexual. Sure, they may do romantic things from time to time, but it comes from an altogether different place. A place of protection, provision, and desire.

A man’s romantic efforts are often very subtle.

13. Boys Entertain and Impress

Building on his effort to appear romantic, a boy will go out of his way to impress or entertain a woman. This stems from a lack of proper frame and confidence.

It reveals that you feel the need to compete for her.

Unless you’re a bird of paradise building a nest and practicing your mating dance, you shouldn’t be entertaining a woman or seeking her validation.

Men with confidence will find themselves being entertained by women.

14. Boys Are Afraid of Losing a Woman

If she’s the best you can do, it’s no wonder why you’d be afraid to lose her. Boys don’t have many options. For that reason, when they lose a woman, they lose part of their identity.

Men are more afraid of losing themselves — their values, their integrity, their dominance.

Next time, put on a little Marshall Tucker Band and listen to the song This Ol’ Cowboy:

Now honey I've been a fool but a bigger fool
I can't remember when I've been
Just to open up my heart 
And let you walk right in
Now there's one thing in this life
Ain't hard for me to do
That's as soon as I kiss the lips of another woman
I'm gonna forget all about you

So I don't want you to think
That you're the first one
To leave me out here on my own
No this ain't gonna be the first time
This ol' cowboy spent the night alone

15. Boys Are Afraid To Act Out

Men can be jerks sometimes. It’s just part of our nature. You’ve heard the saying that nice guys finish last. Well, it’s mostly true.

Boys are afraid to be jerks and tough. Men aren’t.

No, I’m not saying be an ass all the time. But men know that having a masculine edge means ruffling feathers from time to time.

16. Boys Are Nice, Men Are Kind

There is a difference in connotation between the two. Boys are nice because they fear confrontation.

Men are kind because they understand the power they possess and have taken the time to bring it into subjection. Their kindness is a choice, not an obligation.

17. Boys Are Impressionable

Boyhood is a time for growth and experiencing life and making mistakes. Boys are impressionable. It’s probably why you’ve read this and want to bookmark it for later.

Men are influential. They spend more time teaching, because they remember where they came from and want to extend their domain of influence.

Remember Rizz Rule #2: men are made, not born.

18. Boys Deceive Themselves and Women

A boy will justify lying to himself and to a gullible woman for greedy gain. He’ll tell her what she wants to hear, play the part, and secure the prize. Chalking up another W, he’ll wipe his lips and walk away shamelessly.

A man never sacrifices integrity or godliness for greedy gain. He understands his worth and reputation depend upon his moral principles, not how many women he can deceive.

19. Boys Complain, Men Repair

Boys shy away from responsibility and accountability. For that reason, they often complain and place blame more than they repair their own problems.

Men are willing to do the work necessary to repair relationships that are worthwhile — seeking the good in most situations. They understand that throwing things away isn’t always the best option.

20. Boys Idolize

Boys idolize women, cars, professional athletes, and the like. Especially women. This is because they don’t see the potential in themselves, nor do they like their own identity.

Men leave the idols of their heart to seek a higher purpose. Only then can they truly satisfy their need to provide, protect, build, and mentor.