The Ultimate Guide to Rizz

So what does rizz mean? And when did Rizz become popular? How do you rizz a girl up? Who invented rizz? Well, we're here to enlighten you (and up your Rizz game).

The Ultimate Guide to Rizz

Rizzy McRizzerson. Adolf Rizzler. The Rizzly Bear. Rizz God. The Rizzard of Oz. The Declaration of Rizzdependence!

If those names don't ring a bell, you're either lucky or out of touch. And that all depends on your age – or how many adolescent kids you have running around flipping through TikTok. Chances are, if you're reading this, you've been introduced to the social phenomenon called "rizz".

It's all the rage. Boys and girls rizzing about, spitting game, pitching their best pickup lines and rizz jokes, scoring Ls and Ws.

If you’re a parent, you might be wondering, "What does rizz actually mean?" Is it inappropriate? Why did Rizz become popular? If you’re not a parent, you might be wondering, “How do you rizz a girl up?” Who invented rizz? Can girls rizz a guy?

Well, that's what we're here for, to enlighten you (and potentially up your Rizz game).

Rizz Definition

"That Rizz" is the shortened, much cooler, and trendier version of the word Charisma. Yes, cha·ris·ma. It's a play on those three letters "ris" right there in the middle. That's what rizz is short for.

But what is the definition of rizz becoming? Well, that's a slightly more complicated answer. The logical explanation might be the definition of charisma. But there is a slight edge implied with rizz that charisma doesn't fully subsume. For good measure, though, let's review the original meaning of charisma, then explore the evolution of rizz.

Charisma, according to Google:


  1. compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

    "she enchanted guests with her charisma"

    Similar: charm; presence; aura; personality; force of personality; strength of character; individuality; magnetism; animal; magnetism; drawing; power; attractiveness; appeal; allure; pull; magic spell; mystique; glamour

  2. a divinely conferred power or talent.

That last one hits a little different, doesn't it? "A divinely conferred power or talent." 🤨 I suppose a Rizz God should possess some divine magnetism.

Rizz Urban Dictionary

Beyond the Google definition for charisma, you can find the unofficial slang meaning in places like the Urban Dictionary. According to them, here is the top explanation for rizz:

Another word for spitting game/how good you are with pulling and sustaining bitches.

Who knows whether rizz will be added to the real dictionary someday. Either way, you can see that the modern evolution of the semantics is trending much more informal, perhaps even disparaging.

What does rizz mean?

Formality aside, rizz takes charm and "charisma" to a different level. Of course, it carries with it a romantic agenda, but the verdict is still out whether that agenda is for the quick "score" or a lasting relationship. For all intents and purposes, rizz has replaced "game" as the de facto slang for a guy or girl with suave.

For example: "He got game," has been replaced with "he got that rizz." Or, when taken further, "he got that W rizz."

In other words, if you got that rizz, you probably have at least one of two things, if not both: good enough pickup lines to impress @addisonre or @dukedennis and a quick wit to go with it. You're likely a smooth talker and you're good with puns. Throw in some good improv skills, get rid of your stage fright, and you're on your way to rizzing like a pro.

Rizz Jokes

Rizz jokes are the same as rizz lines – they're advice on pickup lines or smooth one-liners that will increase your chances of impressing someone on the spot. They're also called rizz tips. It could be something you construct on your own in the moment, through a text message, a joke, or even something as absurd as barking (Yes, it's as dumb as it sounds.).

Here's an example of some corny rizz jokes from Ponly:

Didn’t we have a class together? I could have sworn we had chemistry.
If we were astronauts on another planet that had no gravity at all I would still fall for you.
Pro Tip: Rizz jokes abound on TikTok and Youtube these days. But the best are the original creations you make in the moment. Keep that in mind, and be original as possible.

Entire YouTube channels are devoted to rizz. In these videos, guys and girls stroll around college campuses coming up with ridiculous pickup lines with unsurprising success. They're fun to watch when you're bored at work. Here, have a look.

Good rizz youtube videos

Bored college kids and influencers set aside their inhibitions by luring men and women into giving out their phone numbers, Snap, or Instagram handles. The assumption is that you can carry on the connection beyond the initial meeting, though all these videos are more like pranks.

How to rizz someone up?

Rizzing someone up isn't as hard as it seems. That being said, you'd be surprised at how many guys and girls are deathly afraid of it. These days, it's getting easier to do it because it's almost become a social game. And it doesn't hurt to have the help of influencers making it a popular prank.

Rizzing is so well-known and popular with adolescents and young adults that it takes a lot of the fear out of the uncertain outcomes. What do we mean by outcomes? Well, you either get the L or the W. You get the number or you don't.

And since everyone is so sick of being couped up from the Covid pandemic, you see guys and girls giving it their best shot all the time.

How to rizz a girl?

The best way to rizz a girl these days is pretty simple in theory. Just keep in mind you won't always be successful. She could have a boyfriend, not feel your vibe, or just not be attracted to you at all.

The great thing about most girls, however, is that if you just put forth a little effort and creativity, chances are you'll get that number. Girls are a little boy crazy these days anyway because most guys are too shy to say anything. On that token, we've put together some quick tips for you dudes out there looking to up your rizz game.

Top 10 rules for rizzing a girl

  1. Have a playful sense of humor
  2. Be truly confident
  3. Smile and be unique
  4. Don't overdo it
  5. Be yourself
  6. Accept all outcomes beforehand
  7. Validate her
  8. Have an edge
  9. Make nice observations
  10. Leave her with a positive emotion

Keep in mind, everyone is different. Personality differences run the gamut. The trick is to be confident in what you have to offer this girl. And the truth is if she doesn't want to pick up what you're layin' down, then move on. A wise man once said, "Pretty girls are a dime-a-dozen." And that's not to denigrate women, but it's a good reminder that there are always more fish in the sea.

It's good to remember that the word rizz comes from charisma. So have an aura about yourself, have a confidence that she can sense – even if you're nervous! And if the pull or magnetism is there, you can rest assured that she'll respond to it.

Just be sure you're respectful. There is a fine line these days between rizz and sexual harassment. Know your boundaries. Know what's acceptable and what's not.

Oh, and if you don't get the W, just remember to play it cool. Be kind and show resilience. There is a secret that many men have forgotten – a good woman knows her worth and will make you work for it. To that end, you may want to play the long game.

How to rizz up a boy?

Can a girl rizz a guy? Of course! Why not? Countless relationships have been initiated by women. It makes it fun. Most guys love it when a girl takes the initiative. It simplifies the work for him.

These days, the old rules of dating have blurred. Heck, even in the old days, women would go out of their way to be "noticed" by a guy. So, if you're a girl and you want to rizz up your crush, go for it!

That being said, here are our 4 basic rizz tips for girls that might increase your chances with your crush.

Rizz tips for girls

  1. Make a connection with the guy first. What does that mean? Well, depending on how old you are, and the context, you could startle the poor guy in such a way that he locks up and doesn't have a clue what to do except turn you down.

    Here's an example:

    Johnny's a 14-year-old kid. He's a handsome kid – tall and slender and likes to play tennis. He comes from good parents, goes to a private school, and likes to wear some subtle bling from time to time. His most notable features are his curly head of hair and boyish grin. He's sincere but cool, and he fits in with everybody. Nevertheless, he hasn't had a girlfriend, yet, and he gets nervous when he talks to girls, despite wanting one.

    One night out with a few of his buddies, they stop by an ice cream shop, getting in line behind a couple of girls. The two girls make their choices and pay the cashier. Because it's such a small place, the girls couldn't help but notice the boys, particularly Johnny. And he knew it. He could sense it.

    After they paid up, the girls went over to the corner, chatting and looking back at Johnny and the other boys. Then it was their turn. The boys made their selections, got their ice cream cones, and went to sit on the bar along the window.

    As you can predict, the girls eventually zigzagged their way through the small dining tables and chairs in the ice cream parlor, walked straight up to Johnny, and asked for his Snapchat.

    Perfect scenario, right? Cute girl, cute guy. What could go wrong?


    Johnny didn't know what to do. He locked up, wondering what his buddies would think. Was she cute enough? What if they thought she was ugly? In his nervousness, he blurted out: "I don't have one."

    The girls were shocked. "You don't have a Snap?"

    "Nah, I don't have a Snap."

    They walked away disappointed and visibly confused. The lie was obvious, and he didn't offer them any alternative. Scraping their dignity off the floor, the girls walked out and headed down the sidewalk.

    Yet, what happened to Johnny after the girls left tells the story a little better.

    The girls had approached Johnny before he'd even had a chance to try his ice cream, yet, after they left, he began shivering uncontrollably for the next 5 minutes. He might as well have been in an ice bath! The anxiety of that moment was too much for his inexperienced, youthful mind to absorb, and it had put him into a state of fight or flight. He could only laugh it off and pretend like they weren't cute enough.

    Poor guy. Poor girls.

    So what implication does this have for girls who want to successfully rizz a guy? Consider breaking the ice with guys before you go for the Snap. Trust your ability to make a connection. And this leads us to the second tip.
  2. Build a conversation rather than a quick hit-and-run. If you're approaching a guy with his friends, bring them into the conversation, too. Don't simply ask for a Snap.
  3. How do you build the conversation? Easy. Ask questions.

    "Hey guys! I notice your shirts say XYZ Academy. Is that where you go to school?"
    "Hey guys, my name is Lexi, what's your name? Oh, nice to meet you. Do you come here often?

    In other words, put everyone at ease. Start a conversation and follow up with questions. It might take the edge off of any unseen anxiety stirring up inside your boy.
  4. Smile, and show your best attributes. If that's your eyes, your smile, your hair, your laugh, your intelligence, whatever it is, show it off. Send those signals! Laugh if he cracks a joke so that he feels like he's funny. Then play with your hair and give him that look.

    I know, I know. It sounds cheesy, right? But I guarantee you it works. Guys are "magnetized" by looks and how you make them feel. Make him feel like he's the funniest guy in the world and that you can't keep your eyes off of him and he'll feel like a million bucks. You'll have him melting faster than his ice cream.

Ultimately, you want to pander to as many of his "attraction" triggers as you can. To that point, here are some extra pro rizz tips that both girls and guys could use:

- Stand close to him when you're talking – almost uncomfortably close, but not too uncomfortable. He needs to be able to smell you and know what it's like to be close to you.
- When you get the chance, and it feels natural, touch him appropriately. Give him a gentle touch on the wrist while you're laughing at his jokes; a hug at the end of the conversation when leaving; or a flirtatious punch on the shoulder if he's being mean. Touch is powerful and it can stir up an entire world of emotions in a man's heart.
- Build him up. Tell him what you like about him. His hair, his shoes, just pick something and compliment him on it.
- Share something with him. If you bought extra candy, offer it to him. Give him a bite of your ice cream. Gum. Anything. Whatever you can do, just show you're willing to share.
- Lastly, don't be in a rush to leave. If you're having a good time, ask him if he wants to walk outside with you while you finish your desserts. Go as a group. Do your best to extend your time together.

If he's not responding well to you, don't give up immediately. He might not know how to express himself, or he could be so nervous that he can't relax around you yet. That doesn't mean he isn't worth pursuing. Sometimes it takes a calm woman to bring out the best in a man.

That's how you rizz a guy.

Oh, and one more thing for guys or girls. Don't ever ask someone, "Can I rizz you."

Just, no.

Where Did Rizz Come From?

According to KnowYourMemes, rizz was invented by Kai Cenat, a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer of Sidemen fame. If you've never heard of him, here's an interesting video of him.

Evidently, back in 2021, Kai referred to himself as the Rizz God after winning an e-date with a pornstar named Teanna Trump. It is here where the nicknames really began to take off after he shared the new moniker on Twitter.

Rizz Nicknames

After Kai Cenat kickstarted the whole thing in 2021, the world of social media picked up the rizz ball and ran with it, coming up with a myriad of rizz nicknames. It became such a thing that there is an entire Reddit thread devoted to keeping track of them. It is actually dubbed the Rizztionary. No joke.

Some of the rizz nicknames include:

The Rizzler, Rizzly bear, The boy who cried rizz, Abraham Rizzcoln, Adolf Rizzler, Rizzy Neutron, A degree in quantum rizzics, Barrack Rizzbama, Need a rizztraining order, Anakin RizzWalker, Rizzard of Oz, Lord of the Rizz, Performed a rizzerruction, Rizzosaurus Rex, From the village hidden in the rizz, Offering rizztituation and rizzarations, Glenn Rizzmire, Rizz Khalifa, Martin Luther Rizz, Kamala Harizz, Rizzy Hendrix/ Jimi Hendrizz Rizzilicious, Rizziliguous, Rizziologist, Rizzillionaire, Rizz Ranger, The Rizz reaper, Leader of the rizzistance, Chrizz Brown, Rizzdolph the Rizz-Nosed Reindeer, Crizztiano Rizzaldo, Rizzaldinho, Lionel Rizzi, Steven Rizziverse, Rizzyork City, George Rizzington, Dance Dance Rizzalution, Alexander Rizzilton, Rizz in a Box, Rizzipedia

As you can see, it wouldn't be hard to make your own mark on the rizztionary. Just find a common concept and add your own rizz flavor to the name. Then, voila! You just crizzated a new word! 🙃

How to Rizz like Kai Cenat and Duke Dennis

If you're interested in upping your rizz game and becoming more successful at attracting women like these popular guys on Twitch, you might be interested in our 50 Rules of Rizz.

We’ve created 50 rules that will help you overcome any fear or uncertainty with attracting a mate. Consider it a master class on charisma and how to attract, and keep, an amazing partner.